Software robots can best be describes as digital assistants, available to answering questions from customers or employers, who need help to a specific task or question. You can communicate with chatbots through internal or external communication channels, chat functions, email, apps or what form you prefer and use.

Chatbots can be used to optimize tasks that today are being handled manually. A chatbot can for example receive, read, understand and answer frequently asked questions in any given department, which frees human resources to focus on more complex and often higher revenue jobs at hand. When needed, the chatbot can handover to human for more detailed answers and service.

Increased customer experience.
In today’s world, customer experience is about more than just providing the right information. Today you need to be available for your customer at any given time and at their preferred channel, whether that is through a commercial or corporate communication tool, web, app, mail, SMS or other. To make sure you deliver the best customer service possible a chatbot makes sure that your company is always accessible. A chatbot can be incorporated with your company identity, so all questions are answered within corporate policies and with your companies personal touch.


Emma – the breakfast bot

Emma is our breakfast ordering chatbot. Emma makes sure that breakfast is ordered on time and to the right number of participants. She does this in a relaxed and friendly tone. You can always count on Emma to makes sure that there is enough breakfast for everybody..

Felix – the company bot

Felix is the go-to-guy, when you have questions about your company profile, products and FAQ. Felix is a good guy with a friendly attitude and a willingness to help. You can count on Felix.

Anna – the HR bot

Anna is your friend in HR. She is the one to go to when you have questions about your workday. Anna is friendly, helpful and with a great sense of humor. She is used to answer questions about holidays, sick days, time tracking, performance, mileage and off Course Anna keeps track on her colleagues birthdays.

Molly – the office bot

Molly is professional yet helpful. She has all the corporate info and news, meeting facilities, inhouse guests, company benefits and Molly always knows what on in the canteen. Molly is also quite social, so if a social event is coming up, Molly knows about it.

Mary – the sales bot

Mary is your helping hand in sales. Mary knows all about company products as well as the competitors, and she is ready to look up everything when you need it. Mary is very helpful, fast and detail orientated, so she can have an email send to your client and made an activity in you CRM before your sales meeting is done.

Nicolai – the customer-service bot

Nicolai is a very service minded and friendly bot, and he is a good to have in every customer-service department. Nicolai enjoys representing your company and should there be something he does not know about your products, customers, opening hours etc., he does not have a problem contacting one of his human colleagues to get help.

Mia – incident reporting

Mia is a friend in need. She is your helping hand when you need to report a faulty item, something is missing or needs to be fixed. She makes sure that the right departments are informed, so they can take action and get your problems solved.